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Earths Art. by animedog666 Earths Art. :iconanimedog666:animedog666 1 2 My baby. Brother. Lolz by animedog666 My baby. Brother. Lolz :iconanimedog666:animedog666 1 4 Image by animedog666 Image :iconanimedog666:animedog666 2 2
Funny Creepypasta seen!
(I do not won pic)
                JEFF!, WHAT ARE YOU DOIN!?!?!
MAMA!, I's cutin me face into a smile!
                BUT WHY!?!?!?!!!
It makes me FABULOUS! 
                JEFF!, WHY U DO DIS TO MEH!??!!!?
               Ho Jeff...
:iconanimedog666:animedog666 2 2
Alex's wolf! :) by animedog666 Alex's wolf! :) :iconanimedog666:animedog666 1 4 Mephisto by animedog666 Mephisto :iconanimedog666:animedog666 1 2 Popcorn by animedog666 Popcorn :iconanimedog666:animedog666 1 2 Ruby by animedog666 Ruby :iconanimedog666:animedog666 1 2 Forever Together :) by animedog666 Forever Together :) :iconanimedog666:animedog666 1 2 Cat be like WHAT!?!??!? by animedog666 Cat be like WHAT!?!??!? :iconanimedog666:animedog666 2 4 Imag F'ed up face (2) by animedog666 Imag F'ed up face (2) :iconanimedog666:animedog666 2 1
Ask Amaimon game!
     "Ok, hi! Welcome to 'ASK  AMAIMON GAME!' Are you ready?"
Amaimon; *looks at you... Licks lollipop* "ok"
(F/N); good! Ok, this is from ABBY she asked '(1) are you guy? (2) CAN I HUG YOU!!!!'
Amaimon; *looks at cared* G—gay!?!?! DO I LOOK GAY?!?!!!"
(F/N); Do you really want me to answer that?
Amaimon: *looks at you* "no"
(F/N); Ok, question (2)?
Amaimon; "I like hugs."
(F/N); O.O
(F/N); OK, this is from Berandy (1) "Do you love anyone?, and why? (2) do you like anything besides candy?"
Amaimon; *blinks, with lollipop in mouth* "I love Behemoth, and I think it's because we both get misunderstood."
(F/N); O.O "wow"
Amaimon; (2) "I like eating controllers."
(F/N); "Wow,OK, Madde asked (1)"do you ever want kids! (2)"do you like Shami?"
Amaimon; "I don't know if I want kids..... (F/N) do you want kids?"
(F/N) *looks at Amaimon* "Why are you asking me?"
Amaimon; "Becuase....."
(F/N); "ANSWER  (2)!!!!"
Amaimon; "No, I don't like Shami. Because, I like you."
:iconanimedog666:animedog666 3 0
Image by animedog666 Image :iconanimedog666:animedog666 1 4
"(F/NNNNN), wake up! I need youuuuu!" "Mephisto, you've been making me help you all day! Can I rest KNOW?!?!?!!" "No." "Why?!?!" "I need you as a host!" "Why didn't you just say so!"
ok, so, PEOPLE! Ask MEPHISTO questions! Just leave a comment!
:iconanimedog666:animedog666 1 0
Lol by animedog666 Lol :iconanimedog666:animedog666 1 4 Drawing by animedog666 Drawing :iconanimedog666:animedog666 0 1


I'll Fight For You, Baby - Space Dandy x Reader
A sputter, a groan, and a curse to the galaxy heavens rattled the walls of the Aloha Oe. Traveling mid-space was a down right awful place to run out of gas. If one was oh so fortunate to experience such a thing, panic would usually set in, especially upon realizing how truly vast the galaxies were. It was easy to feel insignificant, puny, and more alone than a person ever had the capacity to feel in their lifetime. Yes, it was true. Even more so if they were the only miserable person on the ship. Today, however, was not the day for such sensations and emotional experiences. No way in hell.
More curses of frustration were grumbled and hissed as the search for spare gas began.
"Of course we can never keep the freaking gas in one spot," a female voice chided in agitation and sarcasm.
The source of criticism came from you. A young woman with an astonishing small patience capacity, this particular day would call for grounds to say it was non-existent for you. It was alm
:iconx-oceansindays:x-OceansInDays 203 60
Snailogy Webtoon Page 13 by SnaiLords Snailogy Webtoon Page 13 :iconsnailords:SnaiLords 193 39 Lookit these bastards by HaanPere Lookit these bastards :iconhaanpere:HaanPere 13 0 Fight me by NovaTrinity Fight me :iconnovatrinity:NovaTrinity 4 0 Lucy v3.0 by DemiReality Lucy v3.0 :icondemireality:DemiReality 17 16
No idea
Written on the walls
Blood crossed over
Remembering my pain
I won't erase it
I'll keep watching this
Until the end
I don't want to give in
Don't want to burst again
It happened over and over
Breaking a piece inside each time
I was happy after it
But now I have no idea
:iconwolfdogthekiller:WolfdogTheKiller 1 0
Mephisto Pheles - Black Trenchcoat by Time-King Mephisto Pheles - Black Trenchcoat :icontime-king:Time-King 65 43
Levi x Reader - Hugging the Corporal

Being the Corporal's girlfriend comes with constant ups and downs. We both care for each other very much, and we constantly tell each other that everyday, but our relationship never feels complete.
Why? Well, we never show much intimacy with each other.
What I mean here is that never once in our 2 year relationship, did he ever kiss or hug me...You would think that if we've been together that long, we would have made some contact. For Pete's sake, most share their first kiss within a month, and a hug within days. Why can't we be the same?
I have no doubts about him loving me and all, so don't think of it like that. It's just that I would like some of that classic couple closeness. 
Padding down the hall, I let my mind wander into thought. What would Levi think or do if I did hug him? What about a kiss?
Narrowing my eyes, I raise my fist in determination. That's it! I will give him the biggest, warmest hug in thie history of the world, and a swe
:iconkittyphantomhive14:KittyPhantomhive14 693 179
mmm das hawt. by Mala-kai mmm das hawt. :iconmala-kai:Mala-kai 69 4 Road To Neverland. by MarijaMiladinovic Road To Neverland. :iconmarijamiladinovic:MarijaMiladinovic 528 81
Mature content
Blue Exorcist X Male Reader (PT.2) :icondomblade:Domblade 13 3
Untitled by BlackWhite101 Untitled :iconblackwhite101:BlackWhite101 1 0 Dsc 0063 1 by BlackWhite101 Dsc 0063 1 :iconblackwhite101:BlackWhite101 1 0 Untitled by BlackWhite101 Untitled :iconblackwhite101:BlackWhite101 1 2 Dsc 0062 1 by BlackWhite101 Dsc 0062 1 :iconblackwhite101:BlackWhite101 1 0




I have missed SO MUCH! I won't be on here a lot. :( If I haven't seen your art........ IM SO SORRY!!!!!!!!!


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Abby .R. Thomas.
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I love writing! <3 It has always been a passion of mine. I also love anime<3 Blue exorcist is my favorite.! XD

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